12 Mei 2009

Wanted Blog Contest - $345 Cash Prizes Giveaway (Deadline: July 10, 2009)

This great contest from http://myblog2day.com with the Big Prize.
Contest URL: Wanted Blog Contest - $345 Cash Prizes Giveaway


Grand Prizes - 1 Winner Only
1) $50 Cash prize via paypal. Liew from Make Money Online.
2) 3 free hours of blog consulting, they will analyze your current blog and advise and help you improve your blog to reach your goals worth $100. Adam from The 42nd Estate.

2nd Prizes - 1 Winner Only

1) Ultimate Blogging Theme worth $67. Carl Ocab from Make Money Online.
2) E-book “Quit Being A Wage Slave Using 10 Easy Steps” worth $47. Peter from Work At Home.

3rd Prizes - 1 Winner Only
1) $17 Cash prize via paypal. Lee from Make Money Online.
2) 1 Domain, 1GB space, 10GB monthly transfer, 25 email. Stretsh from BloggingNotes.

3 Consolation Prizes - 1 Winner Each
1) SEO Analysis For MainPage $50. Nicolas Prudhon from SEO Help.
2) Solo ads, it’s an email ad. She will send out your email (ad) to all 30,000+ of my newsletter subscribers worth $50. Kelly from Money Making Mommy.
3) 468×60 banner for 1 month. Simon from Home Based Business.
4) Entrecard 1000 point. Lee from Make Money Online.

How to enter:

1. Write a blog post about the contest including the post URL and all the sponsors prize with links (50 points)
2. Follow @myblog2day on Twitter and retweet this message. (20 points)
Join @MyBlog2Day Wanted Blog Contest! Retweet and stand the chance to win $345 Cash Prizes! http://xr.com/myblog2day
3. Subscribe to myblog2day. (30 points)
4. Leave your comment in the contest post. (10 points each)
* Please leave your comment below at the contest post and tell what have you done to gain your points. (URL, Subscribe email and etc.)

  1. Own a blog
  2. Blog must be indexed by Google
  3. Blog with not less than 10 articles
Who will win:
Group 1: >100 Points (Qualify for Grand prizes, 2nd prizes and 3rd prizes)
Group 2: <100>60 Points ( Qualify for Consolation prizes Only)

17 Apr 2009

How to Install Windows 7 on a Netbook

Windows 7 is the perfect OS to run on a Netbook but how do you install it without a CD drive? Use a USB flash drive in place of the DVD. In this article I will show you how to create a bootable USB flash drive that will install Windows 7.
Before we get started you will need:

* Windows 7 ISO file and WinRAR or a burned DVD with the install source files
* 4GB USB flash drive.

Step 1 - Preparing the USB flash drive

Let’s get started. First we need to format the USB flash drive to erase any existing data on the drive. Click on the Start Button and then Computer to bring up your drives.

Next, right click on the removable USB flash drive and select Format.

Click Start and the USB flash drive will be formatted.

Step 2 - Preparing the source files

Now it is time to extract the setup from a Windows 7 ISO CD image file. If you have a physical Windows 7 install DVD then skip to step 3.
To extract the files from the ISO file you will need WinRAR. If you do not already have WinRAR download and install that now.
Once you have WinRAR installed navigate to the ISO file in explorer and right click on the file and select the bottom Extract to option.

The ISO file will now be extracted to a sub-folder with the same name as the ISO file. This can take a few minutes to complete.

Step 3 - Copying source files to USB flash drive

The final step is to copy the install source onto the USB flash drive in a way that will allow the Windows 7 install to boot up. The trick here is to use XCopy. Depending on where your source files are located there are two different methods to copy the files onto the flash drive.

Using extracted source files

Open up command prompt and navigate to the directory you extracted the source files from the ISO file with the CD command. Then, run XCOPY *.* J: /e and hit Enter to start the copy. Be sure to replace J with the drive letter of your USB flash drive.

Using a physical Windows 7 install DVD

The instructions are slightly different when using a physical DVD. Open up command prompt and type XCOPY D: J: /e and hit Enter. Replace D with the drive letter of your CD-ROM drive and replace J with the drive letter of your USB flash drive

Step 4 - Installing Windows 7 from the USB flash drive

Once the file copy has completed you are ready to plug the USB flash drive into your Netbook. Turn it on and hit the keyboard shortcut to bring up the boot menu for your model. Typically it is F12 or F1. After you select your USB flash drive the Windows 7 installation should begin to load. At this point, installing Windows 7 is the same as on a normal laptop or a desktop.

16 Apr 2009

Win $500 Cash And An Ipod Nano Now - Free (Deadline : End of the month

Contest URL: Win $500 Cash And An Ipod Nano Now - Free

New Ipod Nano - Nine Amazing Colours

Deadline: End of the month

Prize: Win Free $500 + an iPod Nano

How to enter:
  • Post about this competition in your blog and link to the contest home page (5 points)
  • Post about any other post in the contest blog and link to it(5 points)
  • Stumble, digg, reddit, technorati,etc..i.e:bookmark the contest post at any sicialbookmark site(3 points each)
  • Bookmark any other post at any socialbookmark site(3 points each site)
  • Add my blog to your blogroll(4 points)
  • Comment at any of the post in the contest blog(not spam!)(3points)


12 Mar 2009

Win $100 Cash and 2000 Entrecard Credit ( Deadline: April 2, 2009)

This contest is open for everyone who own blogs site. Even more participation in the contest entitles you for a fabulous prize.

Your mission is to post the entire descriptions given below along with the prize list in your blog sites. All you have to do is copy the entire description and paste it in you blog and publish it.
Every blog post will earn you $2. For example, if you make 10 blog posts you earn $20 and so on.


The all new Memberwind.com is a jumbo website that has aptly answered the need for a one stop shop for all web design needs. The site is the brainchild of Crewind.com; a reputed Chennai based B2B Services Company that is well-known for its quality Web products and services.

The purpose of the Memberwind site is to act as a common access point to six product websites of Crewind. It gives the users one year access to a range of web products like templates, icons, illustrations, banners, logos and brochures, all for a single membership fee of just $39. Apart from getting hassle free access to all the six sites for a single signup, the members also become eligible to access all the new products updated on these sites from time to time.

The following are the six websites that can be accessed through memberwind.com:

Templatewind.com: Provides the finest website templates for various niches like automobile, software, real estate, business, entertainment, travel, flash templates and for many other categories.

Iconswind.com: Provides professionally designed icons for various icon categories like button icons, Software, object icons, Sports icons, Web icons, Windows theme icons, entertainment, food icons, and the like.

Illustrationwind.com: Provides stunning illustrations for health, software, real estate, beauty & fashion, mobile, sports, education, travel, & bar, professionals, family, child care, music and other categories.

Bannerwind.com: Offers outstanding banners for categories like Business, Health, Children, Wedding, Sports, Travel, Real Estate, Automobile, Beauty and more.

Logowind.com: Provides exclusive logos for themes like corporate, education, hosting, marketing, real estate, software and many others.

Brochurewind.com: The site offers quality brochures templates for Brochures, Flyers, Tri-folders, Postcards and more.

You can signup for these six product sites by visiting Memberwind.com and registering for your membership. The site also offers 24/7 customer support that you can make use of if you have any queries.

Contest URL:
Win $100 Cash and 2000 Entrecard Credit
April 2, 2009

How To Enter:

Post a comment (click here) and include with the post URL- compulsory
Post this contest include the sponsor and the prizes – compulsory
Winners Will be selected using Random.org

The Prizes:

These are the prizes for 3 winners:

First Prize
Second Prize
Third Prize
Every participants will get $2 cash prize isn't that FUN! If you posted our contest on one of your blog you will get cash prize $2. Posts the contest on your other blogs and get more Cash prize.
The Cash prizes are sponsor by BuyTemplates.net

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